About the CWHK Awards

This year, the drive to succeed has never been more urgent. For the past year and a half the economy has gone through an unprecedented turbulent period that has seen a real shake-up of the IT industry. Established companies fell while IT buyers became cautious. This has led to a period of scrutiny—those who survived or became winners are those who proved that they could really add value to businesses.

The 2010 Computerworld Hong Kong Awards aims to pay tribute to these companies, products, services and individuals who have faced off trials and tribulations, shrugged of adversity and have carved their own success.

Since its debut in 2002, the Awards has used a dynamic selection process involving Computerworld Hong Kong readers. The winners announced at the Computerworld Hong Kong Awards Ceremony — an event that not only lauds winners and runners-up, but serves as a social-networking event for Hong Kong’s top IT experts.


What the readers say…

"Each year the industry looks to the Computerworld Hong Kong awards to validate the sector's leading providers of technology services and products and it is without doubt the yardstick to measure how well a provider is serving its customers."
– Sunny Lee, Executive Director, IT, Hong Kong Jockey Club

"The annual Computerworld Hong Kong Awards recognizes the best products and services available in Hong Kong, and provides professionals and business executives a clear indication of the best in class technology available today, highlighting the products and services that are best serving Hong Kong businesses."
– Daniel Lai, Head of IT, MTR Corporation Ltd



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